BOX IQ promotes a thoughtful approach to boxing and overall health and fitness. We blend physical performance and mental acuity into an amazing workout, all in a stimulating, fun, and judgment-free environment.

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If you find yourself unable to stay on the task at hand, incapable of mastering your schedule, or losing the details of a topic easily, it may be time for a major shift. Our program will help you tap into your ability to focus intently and with purpose.

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This is a major key in everyday life; regardless of one’s age or activity level. Boxing is an effective way to improve this ability. Balance is an essential and transferable skill. The more you improve in this area the better you will be at other sports and activities.

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Having command of our bodies and our minds at all times is key. Regardless of the external circumstances in your current life, we will train you to remain in full control, both physically and mentally. This is an underrated aspect in most training programs, however it is a major priority here at BOX IQ.

Discover a new type of fit.

The Box IQ Experience

  • Boxing/Cardio Group Classes: Learn how to box and burn calories while having a blast.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching: Technique-focused workouts with your personal trainer.
  • Neuro-Fitness Training: Improve focus, reaction time, depth perception, and hand-eye coordination.

  • 3D Body Imaging: Detailed body measurements, including advanced weight and body fat percentages, body composition, and posture analysis.
  • Media Center/Recovery Area: Massage guns/tools, a variety of informative and interesting reading material, the perfect nook to relax and learn.

  • Weights, Cardio Machines, and Smoothie Bar

Class Schedule

Elevate your fitness,
elevate your mind.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

  • Box IQ is an amazing gym. Ely Honore is highly experienced, dedicated to his students, and very creative. Every day he mixes up his exercises so that you're never bored and consistently trying new exercises while learning the art of boxing.

    He really loves what he does and goes above and beyond. He personalizes his traninig for each student based on their limitations or experience. I have knee issues, and thanks to his recommendations to a therapist, I'm improving every day and enjoying the gym entirely...

  • ...I am a newbie and I'm so glad I took the free trial. I never imagined boxing could be so much fun. I lost 12 pounds in 30 days. I even canceled my membership at Orange Theory and now I come 4-5 days a week! The one-on-ones and group classes are awesome. Thank you, Ely!

    - Joe P.

  • This place is awesome and has a great environment to learn boxing. I have a very small background in boxing years ago where I spent a couple months learning the sport and haven't done anything since. Ely is a great trainer and takes his time to work with you. You can sense his passion for the sport in the way he trains and explains it to you. He makes you feel comfortable during the session and keeps you motivated. This is definitely the way to go if you're interested in the sport of boxing.

    - Daniel D.

  • I absolutely love coming here! They’re extremely professional and knowledgable! They have great equipment and the trainer is patient and helpful for people who are trying to work on their technique! Whether you are trying to learn and perfect the sport or just get in a great workout, this is the place to do it! I highly recommend it to anyone of any fitness level! They even do kids classes!!!

    - Melissa Gonzalez

  • Love this place! Highly recommend if you’re up for a challenge. Ely has a lot of patience and makes the workouts fun.

    - Anna Huynh

  • The staff here is so kind and attentive. The class itself was amazing! I leave drenched in sweat every time. I could feel and see my body changing every week. I always wear a fitness tracker and no less than 500 calories burned per class! I love it. I would recommend to anyone looking to make lasting lifestyle changes!

    - Melissa Marie

  • Great place, wonderful atmosphere, and you get a terrific workout.

    - Michael Elmaleh

  • Great new gym in the area! Cool trainers, great space, plenty of bags and equipment. They really are invested in everyone who puts the gloves on at BoxIQ.

    - Vlad B.

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